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Funazushi, a kind of preserved foods called "Narezushi", is naturally fermented and pickled crucian carp with only rice and salt. Funazushi has been a special product of Shiga Prefecture since the Heian period and it had been conceded to the emperor in Kyoto. Of course, it also has been popular in the common people. Tastes, looks and manufacturing methods of Narezushi, it is said that origin of sushi, is quite different from the modern sushi. Funazushi is rich in minerals, vitamins B1 and calcium, and easy to eat because of the ossicles are all decomposed and the spine has become soft by fermentation. It includes a lot of lactic acid bacteria and improves the intestinal environment; therefore it has been reviewed as a food with excellent effects in health and beauty.

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  • Murai Suisan is in Kamihiragi cho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture. Kamihiragi cho is a very famous area for natural water, and there is Osawa Shrine that you can intake the snowmelt water of Suzuka Mountain. This shrine near Murai Suisan has long been known as a place where we can intake delicious water. We make products using this water. We pull out the fishy smell of crucian carp by swimming them in the water, and as a result, they become delicious enough to be eaten in sashimi and grilled.
  • In out aquariums, we will grow the crucian carp from egg to fry. Then, at the dedicated farms, we will grow it from fry to the highest quality adult fish by using a high-quality feeds that we developed originally.
  • Masafumi Murai, the president of Murai Suisan, has been loved Funazushi from childhood. He has been studied to make the taste that he can sincerely convinced and to develop the quality of water, farm equipment and products for the people who have never eaten Funazushi. Please enjoy the Funazushi we made with a passion and love.

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  • 2014.04.02雪野山古墳が国の史跡に。

      古代の息吹が感じられる東の竜王山 雪野山 東近江市・近江八幡市及び竜王町にまたがる雪野山(308.8m)の山頂にある4世紀中頃の古墳。平成元年(1989)に全国でも珍しい未盗掘の状態で発見され、話題を呼びました。墳頂部に竪穴式石室1基があり、副葬品も多く出土しました

  • 2014.04.02常勝の天才軍師・黒田官兵衛

    今大人気の大河ドラマ、「軍師官兵衛」常勝の天才軍師といわれ歴史に名を遺した彼が実は滋賀の近江の地と深い関わりがあったことを皆さんご存知でしょうか?   -官兵衛- 奇抜な策で秀吉に天下を取らせた官兵衛の源流は北近江・長浜にあり、天下取りの舞台・賤ケ岳もまた木之本でした。

  • 2014.03.27食べる万能薬「塩麹」

    米麹に塩と水を加えるだけで、簡単に作れる塩麹。 いつもの料理がぐっとおいしくなると、いまブームですね。 しかも免疫力を高めるので、お子様からお年寄りまで是非食べていただきたいものです。   ○便通を良くして、すっきりデトックス 塩麹は発酵食品なので、乳酸菌もたっぷり。食物繊維と似

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